Does Car Insurance Cover Road Hazards in Georgia?

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Posted: June 25, 2020

Large pothole road hazard in Georgia Road hazards pose a threat to even the most observant and defensive drivers. Fortunately, Georgia auto insurance providers know that it isn’t always possible to avoid potholes, oil, trees, construction debris, wildlife, and other dangerous conditions. Most insurers will allow you to file a claim if something in or on the surface of the road causes damage to your vehicle.

Collision vs. Comprehensive Claims

The nature of the incident will determine whether a road hazard will fall under your collision or comprehensive coverage. For instance, if you hit a fallen tree in the road, then it’s a collision insurance claim. Conversely, if the tree fell onto your vehicle, it will likely be a comprehensive insurance claim. Check your policy. 

Keep in mind that it isn’t always worthwhile to file a claim at all. If the cost of repairs is below or near your deductible, it may be in your best interest to pay out-of-pocket. However, your insurance contract may require you to report the accident whether or not you are making a claim.

Suing for a Car Accident Caused by a Road Hazard

Road hazards often cause vehicle damage that can be addressed through an insurance claim. However, they can also result in serious accidents and life-changing personal injuries. In those situations, victims may be entitled to compensation beyond the scope of their insurance coverage.

If you were harmed in an auto accident caused by a road hazard, you may have a legal case. A successful case can award you compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and diminished quality of life.

Our attorneys will investigate your accident and determine the responsible party. Liability may fall on government agencies if they were negligent in their care of the roadway. Or, if something fell from a vehicle and hit your car, the other driver may be at fault.

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