How to File a Workers' Comp Lawsuit for Your Workplace Injury

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Posted: May 19, 2017

Workers' compensation cases can quickly become complicated if you don't follow the proper steps to file your claim. If the company you work for in Georgia has at least three employees, you're entitled to damages for your injuries under the workers' compensation law.

Insurance companies notoriously try to deny workers' comp claims or offer you far below what you're owed. You can use these steps to help you file your claim and ensure you recover reparations for all of your medical expenses, disabilities and pain and suffering:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. Depending on your profession, you may be facing a catastrophic injury such as a brain, back or spinal cord injury. It's vital to your health and your case to seek medical attention immediately even if you feel your injuries are minor.
  • Inform your employer as soon as possible. Each state has a time limit for the amount of time you have to notify your employer of your injuries. In Georgia, this limitation is 30 days. The sooner you speak with your employer, the better chance you have of receiving your benefits without delay or denial.
  • Document everything. The more thorough your notes and documentation of medical care the higher your chance of full compensation. This includes the pain you may feel each day, all medical expenses and physical therapy.
  • Contact our workers' comp attorney in Cumming. Even if your claim is accepted and your medical bills are covered, you will likely have other costs such as long-term disability and loss of income. Insurance companies often refuse to compensate you for all of your physical, emotional and financial losses, and our attorney can help you compile all of the evidence and fight on your behalf.

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