Are You Continuing to Have Delays in Your Workers' Comp Case?

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Posted: March 25, 2021

Injured employees deserve nothing less than a fast and fair resolution of their claims. Unfortunately, delays in medical treatment, disability checks, and other workers’ compensation benefits are all too common. Contact our workers’ compensation attorneys in Georgia to ensure that your rights are protected.

How to Speed Up Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injured Atlanta man experiencing delays with workers comp claimNavigating a workers’ compensation claim can be a headache for many hard-working employees. The longer it takes to process and resolve a claim, the worse that headache can get. A delayed claim can keep you from receiving treatment and wage benefits on time, stall your return to work, and break down the trust between you and your employer.  

While you may feel powerless in this situation, that isn’t the case. You can get things moving if medical treatment is delayed by requesting a Petition for Medical Treatment (PMT). A judge will listen to your story during a teleconference within 3-4 days. A decision will be made on getting treatment, or a hearing request can be filed.

Requesting a PMT is a great way to force your insurance adjuster’s hand. It can also help you overcome some of the processing issues related to COVID-19.

You should know that the GA Supreme Court is starting to open courts for jury trials and the Workers’ Compensation Board still has some limitations on hearing schedules. Defense attorneys are still dragging their feet and taking advantage of the pandemic in some cases, however. Our attorneys can help you request a PMT and handle any related challenges that arise in your case.

Penalties and Fees for Late Benefits

Unwarranted delays in your workers’ comp claim are illegal. Employers and insurers are required to respond to your claim within a certain time frame.

The State Board of Workers' Compensation and the Workers' Compensation Act have provisions for late penalties and fees where:

  • Benefits are not paid on time
  • Medical care or other benefits are improperly denied
  • The insurer's defense of a claim is deemed unreasonable

You may be entitled to additional compensation beyond your medical and wage benefits if your claim was mishandled. Contact our lawyers for more information.

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