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Car accidents occur in a flash, and the aftermath can leave you feeling traumatized and confused. While most car accidents are minor fender benders, far too many result in catastrophic injuries and even death. In an instant, you may be facing unexpected medical bills and time away from work that you and your family can’t afford.

After a car crash, you need an experienced accident attorney on your side. At the Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, Jr., PC, we’ll help you navigate through the complex legal process of obtaining the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 770-888-8901 to schedule your free consultation. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys help clients from Atlanta, Marietta and neighboring communities of Georgia.

For detailed information about car accidents, please view the following sections:

Causes of Car Accidents

Operating a vehicle represents such a significant part of most people’s lives, we sometimes forget what a complicated and potentially dangerous activity it is. Safe driving requires diligent focus and a firm grasp of safety rules.

Unfortunately, you can do everything right and still find yourself in a serious auto wreck. While there are a variety of causes of car crashes, collisions that result from another driver’s negligence can include:

  • Distracted driving: This all-too-frequent cause of accidents encompasses a number of dangerous distractions: texting, monitoring GPS directions, changing stations on the radio, eating, grooming and interacting with other passengers in the vehicle.
  • Drunk or impaired driving: Whether under the influence of drugs or alcohol, these horrible accidents unfortunately occur on a regular basis.
  • Speeding: When drivers exceed the speed limit, they compromise their ability to properly react to unexpected obstacles or brake in time to prevent a collision.
  • Reckless driving: Any time a person ignores traffic signals, speeds, tailgates, fails to use turn signals or drives wildly out of control, they place themselves and those with whom they share the road at great risk for injury.

Of course, some accidents result from factors outside a motorist’s control, such as:

Even though another driver may not be involved in the cases, you may still have legal grounds to file a lawsuit. You can file against the engineers who designed a faulty roadway, the municipality or government entity responsible for inadequate signage or the manufacturer of a defective automotive part.

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Types of Car Accident Injuries

Some automobile accidents only result in damage to the vehicles involved in the crash. Unfortunately, many wrecks end in injury, and require extensive medical care and therapy. There are a number of factors that affect the type and severity of accident-related injuries, such as:

  • The speed of the cars involved at the moment of impact
  • The use of seatbelts
  • The location of impact
  • The make and model of the vehicles involved

Depending on these factors, your injuries could involve more than just scrapes and bruises. Some of the most common types of car accident injuries include:

Each of these types of injuries can have a life-altering effect on your professional and personal life. In the most tragic cases, these accidents can be fatal.

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Fatal Car Accidents

The sudden loss of a loved one is one of the most devastating events anyone can experience. Families are left emotionally broken and deprived of needed income while unexpected medical and burial costs begin to mount. In addition to the loss of cherished personal connections, guidance and income, surviving family members often require ongoing therapy to cope with the tragedy.

In the unfortunate event that a death results from a car accident, family members may be eligible for compensation for lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, the value of lost companionship, medical bills and funeral costs through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Compensation in a Car Accident Claim

Car accident compensation infographicInjuries sustained in car accidents can cause more than just physical damage. Lost income and medical expenses are some of the most common costs related to vehicular wrecks. The anxiety and emotional burden of these events can be exacerbated by the tactics of insurance companies to deny, delay and devalue your claim.

As a former insurance defense lawyer, Humberto Izquierdo understands the many ways insurers try to prevent you from obtaining the full and fair compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a wreck, our skilled car accident attorneys can help you seek the maximum compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Diminished earning ability
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • End-of-life costs

The compensation to which you are entitled is dependent on a number of factors. Our experienced lawyers will accurately value your claim and pursue the justice you deserve.

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What to Do After a Car Accident

In the event of a car accident, your top priority should always be to ensure that no one has been severely injured. If you or one of your passengers needs immediate medical attention, call 911 right away. Do not try to move anyone, especially if they are experiencing neck or back pain. In order to avoid making any injuries worse than they already are, the best strategy is to wait and allow medical professionals to handle the situation.

For minor accidents that do not involve any serious injuries, vehicles should be moved to the side of the road. If your car cannot be moved, keep all passengers inside the car with their seatbelts fastened while you turn on your hazard lights and set out safety markers if you have them.

Once these initial actions have been properly taken, consider taking the following steps:

  • Call the police.
  • Collect personal and insurance information.
  • Note the date, time and location of the accident.
  • Obtain contact information from witnesses.
  • Do not admit any fault or liability.
  • Take pictures of all vehicles involved in the wreck.
  • Do not make any statements or accept any deals with your insurance company.
  • Contact the Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, Jr., PC immediately.

When speaking with the other driver, the police or the insurance agent, be sure to only discuss the pertinent facts and never volunteer more information than necessary. Any admission of wrongdoing could be used against you later when you choose to seek damages.

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Do I Need A Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Car accident injury claims are often very complex. When you choose to handle the claim process alone, you risk missing critical steps that can protect your legal rights, or fail to adhere to the specific procedure and rules of Georgia law.

While it can occasionally seem obvious which party is responsible for an accident, many cases require a careful examination of evidence to determine liability. Crashes happen unexpectedly, and many drivers are not always aware of all of the factors that led to the crash. When you are not clear about all of the facts, any statements you provide to police or insurers could be potentially inaccurate.

Additionally, even if your claim is successful, without the knowledge of how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies, you probably won’t obtain the full measure of compensation you truly deserve.

The best lawyers for car accidents are those with skill, knowledge and experience with both car accident cases and insurance company schemes. Humberto Izquierdo is a former insurance defense lawyer, and knows the industry inside and out. He can use this knowledge to help you pursue the maximum compensation you need.

Other ways our experienced car accident attorneys can help you include:

  • Gathering the necessary evidence to prove fault and the cause of your injuries
  • Consulting with medical experts and obtain medical records
  • Collecting statements from drivers and other witnesses
  • Determining the true value of your personal injury claim

Even if you think your injuries are minor, they could carry long-term consequences that you don’t yet realize. You may dismiss your leg or finger injury as insignificant, but what if you discover later that your “small” injury prevents you from performing your occupational tasks, and suddenly your current and future earning potential is put in jeopardy.

In addition, the actual symptoms of a spinal cord injury may not emerge for days or weeks to come. During this time, you may struggle with headaches, insomnia, jaw pain or a sore neck without realizing that these small discomforts are indicative of a serious medical problem.

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