Can You Get Compensation for a Dog Bite?

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Posted: October 30, 2022

Aggressive dog attacking a young caucasian woman.Dogs are often known as "man's best friend." They provide us with companionship, love, and security. However, dogs can also be dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs yearly. Of these bites, 20% require medical attention.

If a dog has bitten you or a loved one, you may wonder if you can get compensation for your injuries. The answer is that it depends. In this blog post, we'll examine the factors that can affect whether or not you can get compensation for a dog bite.

A Dog's Bitten You: What to Do

If a dog has bitten you, it's vital to seek medical attention immediately. Dog bites can also lead to severe injuries, so it's essential to have a professional assess the situation. Even if the bite doesn't seem serious, you could still be at risk for infection.

The first thing you should do after being bitten by a dog is to wash the wound with soap and water. Taking this step will reduce the risk of infection. Then, apply a sterile bandage to the wound and seek medical attention immediately. Take pictures of the wound and the dog that bit you, if possible. Having this information will be helpful for the medical professionals treating you and any legal proceedings resulting from the incident.

Who is Liable for a Dog Bite?

If you've been the victim of a dog bite, you may wonder who is liable for the damages. In most cases, the dog's owner will be held responsible for the bite. This rule, however, has some exceptions. For example, the victim may face liability if the victim was trespassing on the dog owner's property. A victim may also be held responsible if he or she provoked the dog.

It's important to note that in some states, the dog owner may not be held liable if a stray dog bit the victim. In these cases, it may be challenging to identify the owner of the dog, so the victim may not be able to receive compensation.

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