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July 11, 2018
Many people love riding motorcycles. They enjoy the freedom, the ease of parking, and the maneuverability. Unfortunately, not as many people love wearing helmets, even though wearing a helmet can help save your life and prevent traumatic brain injury in the case of a motorcycle crash.… Read Full Post
April 26, 2018
Back injuries are more common than you may think. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics report that nearly 20% of all injuries in the workplace are back related injuries resulting in employee absences. That is a rather large number. If you… Read Full Post
March 07, 2018
One of the most devastating types of injuries a person can sustain is a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord plays a large role in movement of the body, as well as controlling some involuntary reflexes. If your spinal cord is damaged, it can result in full or partial paralysis that can affect your ability to work and earn an income. If your spinal cord has been damaged as a result of someone else’s negligent actions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, Jr.,… Read Full Post
February 13, 2018
Nursing homes are a necessary part of society, as many elderly men and women can't take care of themselves and don't have family members that can take them in. However, nursing home neglect and abuse is an unfortunately common occurrence. Elderly patients may not be able to advocate for themselves, and fall victim to negligence.… Read Full Post
May 16, 2017
Most personal injury claims are filed by the injured person, but in cases of wrongful death or catastrophic injury, a family member may file the case on behalf of the deceased or disabled individual. Essentially, anyone who has suffered harm due to an accident caused by someone else's negligence or error is grounds for a personal injury claim. The process of filing a personal injury claim can be complicated and lengthy without an attorney and may leave… Read Full Post
March 14, 2017
Welcome to the new blog of the Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, Jr., PC. We provide exceptional legal counsel in matters of personal injury and workers’ compensation. Our firm has been serving the Atlanta and Marietta communities for more than a decade, and we have established a strong record of success, earning justice and compensation through verdicts and settlements for many of our clients. The area of workers’ compensation law is a primary focus of our firm. Our founder, Humberto… Read Full Post