Unsecured Truck Loads Have Catastrophic Consequences

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Posted: September 11, 2019

Properly securing a truck load is one of the most important tasks a truck driver has. Unsecured truck cargo puts everyone on the road at risk. Federal regulations and Georgia code prohibit a driver from operating a vehicle with a load that is unsecured. Unfortunately, some trucking companies, shipping companies, and drivers fail to comply, causing catastrophic injuries and damages to others on the road.

The truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo Jr., PC are knowledgeable about cargo securement regulations and the process of recovering damages for accident victims. If you are injured in an unsecured truck load accident due to the negligence of another party, we can help you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet.


What is an Unsecured Truck Load?

crashed semi truck on its sideGeorgia code 40-6-248.1 prohibits drivers from operating vehicles with unsecured loads. In tractor-trailer situations the trucking company and the load-hauling driver may be responsible for balancing, covering, tying, and otherwise securing any cargo in order to prevent causing a hazard for other drivers.

Unsecured truck loads have many forms and can cause a range of serious consequences. Some examples of unsecured truck cargo are:

  • Semi-truck doors that are not secured
  • Cargo on a flatbed that has faulty ties or is not appropriately fastened to the trailer
  • Open truck beds with loose debris
  • Imbalanced liquid or gaseous cargo
  • Unsecured cargo that shifts in transit

Georgia Unsecured Truck Load Accidents

Atlanta car accidents involving unsecured truck cargo can be devastating in terms of injuries and property damage. Even without the actual collision of a tractor-trailer and a car, these accidents are highly dangerous. Some types of unsecured truck load accidents are:

  • Windshield obstruction – Loose cargo can fly from a truck and hit a driver’s windshield, blocking his or her view and/or breaking the windshield.
  • Loose object strike – Cargo can land on a vehicle, injuring the driver or preventing normal operation of a vehicle. This can have a domino effect in traffic if the driver is incapacitated or the vehicle is not operable in traffic.
  • Spills – Oil and other liquid cargo can spill and create hazardous conditions for all drivers approaching the spill.
  • Obstruction of the road – When debris or cargo falls out of a truck and lands on the road, other drivers are at risk of colliding with the cargo. Drivers may attempt to avoid the item and collide with another driver.
  • Drive-over – If a driver is unable to change paths to avoid a road obstruction, he or she may drive over it. Damage to the car or tires can result in an out-of-control vehicle.
  • Rollover – If cargo becomes unbalanced, it could cause the tractor-trailer to tip over, which could have devastating effects on nearby motorists.­

Unsecured Truck Load Injuries

When you consider the types of cargo carried by tractor-trailers, it is easy to see the incredible risks that unsecured cargo can create. Whether the truck is carrying vehicles, timber, offal, or office supplies, when the cargo leaves the truck, it’s traveling fast toward approaching drivers. Even small items can cause major injuries, especially at highway speeds.

Serious harm can result, including:

Liability in Georgia Unsecured Cargo Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration details securement requirements for cargo drivers in the Driver’s Handbook on Cargo Securement. Specific practices are outlined for the loading and securing of many types of cargo. Failure to meet these requirements could result in criminal or civil penalties for the negligent party.

Liability is not always easy to determine in Atlanta unsecured cargo accidents. It takes a skilled and persistent legal team to investigate the people and circumstances surrounding an unsecured truck load accident. From the trucking company, to the driver, to the business shipping the cargo, we will investigate relentlessly to find out who was at fault for the accident.

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